About Us

About MERC

MERC is made up of faculty from the Accounting, Economics, and Finance department and, of students from different majors here at FSU. They collect, analyze and distribute economic data for statistical areas such as MetroWest, Greater Franklin, 495/MW Corridor, Greater Marlborough and South Shore. In all, MERC tracks several statistical regions that include over 50 Massachusetts cities and towns. MERC analysis has proven critical for regional and town planning as well as for the retention and recruitment of businesses.

MERC’s Mission is three-fold:

Economic Research

Framingham State University faculty who participate in MERC activities develop and maintain economic databases for the MetroWest, the South Shore and nearby regions to facilitate better economic planning and decision making.

Education through Internship

As an intern, you will participate in all aspects of the MERC program.  Activities include collecting data from web sites, local merchants and school districts, organizing data into spreadsheets, and creating graphs (using MSOffice).  Finally, and building on your analytical skills, you will prepare the information for distribution to communities in the form of publications (using Publisher and Piktochart) and live power point presentations.  The intern program also includes extensive educational and training modules to prepare you for these activities.

Economic Outreach

MERC provides economic data and analyses to businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations and residents through conferences, publications, community lectures and reports to improve regional competitiveness and job creation.